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About Us


Asab Steel Trade of Tabriz is an international trading group active around Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa in alloy steel products. Asab Steel Trade of Tabriz was founded in 1995 as a steel importer and supplier in Tabriz. Regarding our expert and experienced team, our group is one of the leading suppliers in Iran.

In order to specialize our field of activities, six branches, directly affiliated to asab steel, has been established as "ASTT IRON", "ASTT TOOL" , "ASTT STAINLESS" , "ASTT OTOMAT" , "ASTT STEEL" , "ASTT TUBE" and they specially activating on specific materials.
Supporting materials includes: "Structural steel, Stainless steel, Free cutting steel, Tool steel and Alloy steel" in "tube, sheet, hot and cold rolled bars(round, square, hexagonal, flat )" shape .


1-Supplying competitive steel products in domestic and international markets
2-Continuous presence in local and foreign exhibitions
3-Supplying different products requested by customers with lowest price and fastest way
4-Cooperating with scientific institutions and supporting research projects
5-Cooperating with major international companies
6-Developing the quality of steel products through identification of high quality producers in order to achieve maximal customer satisfaction .